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Otherwise known as the Five Questions Meme.

Process is thus:
1. You comment on this entry.
2. I ask you five questions.
3. You answer those five questions in a post on your journal.
4. When people comment on that entry, you ask them five questions.
5. They answer those five questions in a post on their journal.
6. When people comment on that post, they ask them--

My interrogator was (still is, though years have rolled over her head) [livejournal.com profile] kayliemalinza, and I am once again writing and dying in an attempt to not get halfway through this and then stop. Also, 'tis fun.

1. Talk to me about your pets! If you do not have pets, make them up.

One borrowed kitten, female, goes by the name of Odin. By borrowed I mean temporarily foisted upon us (with our delighted consent) while her person changes cities; by goes by the name of Odin I mean goes by the name of small feline. Silver and black tabby, adorable (is kitten; is obviously adorable). Goes flop when stroked strategically sideways, and is happy to sit and purr wheresoever I put her down. Disappeared one day at dinnertime, and after some baffled searching, the fridge went thump. Turned out she was in the door behind a row of bottles, not in the least concerned.

Four guppies plus one golden algae-eater plus sixteen guppies plus about seven guppies. For verily, they hath multiplied (they are livebearers; it is fun). My favourite of the guppies is Sixteen - the one of the first sixteen babies that I let out into the main tank to be possibly eaten by the grown-ups for my amusement. Also known as protein snack. Did not get eaten, and was joined about a week later by at least seven others from our other female (who hadn't looked quite pregnant enough to put into a breeding tank but evidently was.

2. Reveal to me your tragic backstory.

I don't have one. No-one's ever even been mean to me.* Once upon a time I fell off my bike and scraped my knee, elbow and forehead. I was stung by a wasp. My character development has been horribly stunted by a lack of adversity.

* Not counting a very few people who meant nothing to me and were not books and so got mentally filtered out as practically spam-mail. I was very oblivious when I was young, so there may have been more of these than I know of; if there were, they probably decided that they'd rather tease someone who noticed them doing it.

Mum has multiple sclerosis and I am tired pretty much all the time (either chronic fatigue or chronic failure to stop reading and go to sleep but probably actually both) and I wish she didn't and I wish I wasn't. And I lack self-motivational skills and am doing nothing with my life, which is somewhat demoralizing. This is not so much backstory as currentstory, though, and as such doesn't count.

3. Out of all the fandoms you've been in over the years, which one was your favorite?

Pirates of the Caribbean, without a doubt. It was my first livejournal fandom, and I was just discovering (as I didn't on ff.net) that fanfiction came with authors attached and that the authors could be interacted with. My first experience of fandom as I think of it now; not the fanfiction (not just the fanfiction) but the people that create it. I read my way through every single entry in [livejournal.com profile] sparrington, then got myself a journal of my own. I even wrote.

4. Why do you lurk?

I grew up this way. When I was sevenish I used to practice the recorder on the bench outside my classroom during lunch-break, or read. I couldn't imagine why everyone else preferred to do something so pointless as wander around talking to each other instead. When I was a bit older than sevenish I just read. Eventually, after years and years, I realised that, like people in books, people in real life have emotions and backstories (just much harder to see), and so it came to pass that my social skills were pastede on yayz, like bad photoshop. (By now it's more like good photoshop - I'm very proud of it.) To put myself in boxes, I am antisocial and an introvert; people are amazing and I love them, but interacting with them is always a decision rather than a natural-as-breathing. Fun, but exhausting.

Anyway, like offline-life like online-life (everything's real, even fiction) - I lurk. And read. More could be said, but it would be best said with squiggly graphs and comparisons to those energy-meter things you get in computer games sometimes, and if I try to do that, I'll never get around to** posting this.

** other reason I lurk: laziness. I never get around to doing anything. Other other reason: am busy reading.

5. Tell me about where you are living right now.

At home with my parental units and brother; Hamilton, New Zealand, the World. My room set up so I can use the end of my bed as a computer chair and so save space. There are bookcases: three, filled with books and stuff (50% books, 50% stuff, approximately). Scarf collection, rock collection, giant jar of marbles. Small mountain of juggling balls in a wooden bowl shaped like a leaf. Paper cranes in a plastic-net bag safety-pinned to a piece of paper blu-tacked to the wall beside my head. Many other things also blu-tacked - some of it art, some of it other. Bookmark: ship with white sails. Bookmark: why do chemistry?... (glub, glub, glub / FOOM!!! / ... / ... / glub, glub, glub). Emu feather. Emu feather. "If you're going to be rude, do it for a reason and get something from it." - Cimorene, Talking to Dragons. Photo of quilt. Origami shuriken. String. Clutter creeping around the corners of everywhere, comfortable, chaotic, and constantly threatening to take over my world. Stuck to my monitor: Write now, revise later, being terrible is a first draft's sovereign right. Stuck to my monitor: Medium does not denote quality - kayliesaur. Stuck to my monitor: Don't worry about what people think - they don't do it very often. Stuck to my monitor: Trust is a peculiar resource; it is built, rather than depleted, by use. Stuck to my monitor: three holographic 'H's, with which to signify that I am a hologram escaped from the science-fiction comedy Red Dwarf. On desk: spray-bottle of Y2K BUG KILLER (guaranteed ineffective). Scissors. Hairbrush. Four-colour ballpoint pen. Water. Double-sided sticky-foam-squares.

And etc. I didn't mean to turn that into a list; it just happened.

Comment and I shall ask you questions! (If my mind goes completely blank and forbids me to come up with questions of my own, I shall steal appropriate questions from elsewhere and ask you those instead.)
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