Jul. 28th, 2009

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1. Captain Jack Harkness is the anthropomorphic personification of sex. No, really, he is. In Good Omens (go and read Good Omens, if you haven't already) there are the four riders of the apocalypse, and when War, for example, goes anywhere, fights break out all around her. And over her. And she likes it. For Jack it's the same, but with sex. With fanon!Jack it's even more obvious; canon!Jack keeps having angst happen instead, which is tragic.

2. Fic recs (mostly recycled, because lately I've been living off ficrecs, which means that most of the things I think are awesome enough to rec are things I read because someone else recced them). If I was actually writing the post, there would be more, and maybe even mention of why I like them.
Symphony for Stars and Planets - Star Trek Orchestra AU (Kirk/Spock). String Theory, a Concerto for Violin in D Minor - SGA Orchestra AU (McShep).
Jack/Chewbacca with spot-on Jack-characterisation.
Home (Kirk/Spock) and its side-stories Gossip (pre-Chekov/Sulu), and Speculation (pre-Chekov/Sulu with awesome Chekov moments).

3. My brother karate-punched a hole in my door by accident a few weeks ago. It's kind of awesome in an "I will never let you live it down and I have a hole in my door for evidence" kind of way. Also, it proves that it's not enough to know your own strength - also also need to know the comparative strength (or flimsiness) of everything else as well.

4. Everywhere I turn, I run into a kink-meme. They're everywhere. [livejournal.com profile] st_xi_kink is on part ten already. It's kind of awesome.

5. I love subverting things. Tropes, genres, expectations of normalcy. Fairytales especially - I rewrote The Three Little Pigs all the time when I was a kid (First pig: straw, second pig: sticks, third pig: tomatoes, rocket chairs and mashed bananas. They all escaped in the rocket chairs; I can only assume it made sense at the time). It's no wonder I grew up to love fanfiction so much - it's a logical extrapolation of my personality back then.

1. It's my birthday! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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