May. 18th, 2010

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Have embraced my inner lurker. I think it likes me. Nevertheless, am cruelly forcing myself to update with this write or die thing.


There. Choice made.

Am spinning wildly through ever fandom ever, lately. The last canon I watched (rewatched, technically) was Red Dwarf. I'd forgotten how very much I liked it, although last time I watched it I wasn't addicted to curries. Slightly worrying, that. Re-read [ profile] kayliemalinza's rambleverse - always entertaining. Apparently Pike and his sister really aren't clones. Am mildly astonished, but it makes sense not to put too many different crack-ideas into one au. Also reading transformers, avatar: the last airbender, sherlock holmes, stargate atlantis, merlin, buffy the vampire slayer, doctor who, naruto, white collar, etc.

l;sdfkgjo;wetrh arrgh. Screen went red. Clearly pretending to be dead doesn't work. Um.

Set up aquarium. Bought guppies. Put female guppy #1 (for some reason I am unable to name fish) in breeding tank with a grill near the bottom so that when she gave birth she would be unable to eat her kids. Watched with ever-increasing frustration for about a week. Watched her finally give birth. Now have sixteen tiny guppies - fifteen in the tank.

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