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With, y'know, less of the bloody and more of the bold and resolute. Not that I ever do New Year’s Resolutions, but I was going to be resolving anyway so I thought I might as well. Thus:

In 2009 I shall...
1. Cultivate stubbornness. Apply it to, among other things, my resolutions.
2. Listen to my whims. Obey them without procrastination (or thought – too much logic is illogical and sucks the fun out of life). This includes everything from causing weed-heaps to vanish with just the power of my mind and applied physical force, to looking up things on the internet when I think it might be interesting to look things up on the internet (rather than some unspecified time in the future), to writing down plot-bunnies/drabble-fragments without stopping to think (or just wandering off to read something).
3. Do yoga daily. Do also other fitness stuff. Continue semi-accidentally losing weight.
4. Bend my surroundings to my will.
5. Continue to vanquish the kitchen first thing in the morning (dishes, dishwasher, bench, etc.). This is my pet habit – I feed it and water it and cherish it every day because I don’t want it to die.
6. Place a time-seal on any chocolate I buy, so I can’t eat it the same day (or month, or whatever). In the absence of chocolate-sized safes that I can set to open on specific dates, I shall use post-it notes and imagination.
7. Stop "delurking" and just post random stuff without thinking about it. (Eg. Rewatched Shrek 2. Best bit is still the mutant dragon-donkey babies in the credits. Appreciated Puss in Boots all the more for having seen Zorro.)
8. Keep a list (maybe even a tally) of all the fandoms I’ve been reading in, until I get bored with the idea.
9. Read 24 non-fiction books (any subject).
10. Write 24 pieces of fanfiction.
11. Create 12 bits of art.
12. Create 24 icons.
13. Sell 24 items on online auctions.
14. Attempt to get numbers 9-13 on this list finished as soon as possible, so I can do them all over again.
15. Make 10 more origami Yodas, so that the knowledge of how to make them doesn’t just fall out of my brain after a few months. Then learn how to make something else.
16. Go to bed before midnight on a regular basis.
17. Maybe kind of work out what I want to do with my life. Apart from living it, as that goes without saying.
18. Have fun.

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