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Title: Doubly Flagitious
Author: [personal profile] order_of_chaos
Rating: G
Word count: 100
Disclaimer: I never owned PotC, and I gave Sophie (Norrington's wig) her freedom years ago.
AN: [personal profile] ell wrote wigfic. This is directly inspired by it. As in, written the moment I finished reading that, and this will make much less sense if you don't read that first.

Her stunt doubles – twins, shameless and beautiful – love getting dirty. They sprawl in rum-soaked abandon, tangle in delight at the sharp bite of seawater, come positively unravelled as they are stolen away and beringed fingers braid them with bright beads and peacock feathers. Sophie watches with vicarious joy, listens to their tales and their laughter, and smiles her own quiet smile. She is now: perfect white curls, mischief and memories – content, as the evening wears on, to keep her commodore company as he adjusts to a new centre of balance, to wings and white feathers and the ability to fly.

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