Nov. 23rd, 2010

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I'm not getting my hopes up or anything, because seriously, what are the chances? But. Tomorrow I'm auditioning to be an extra in The Hobbit. A hobbit in The Hobbit. Open audition, you just have to show up and look short enough - women under 158cm, and I'm 156, so. My future will contain philosophical shrugging or stunned, gleeful flailing.
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Hobbit-extra auditions involved standing (sitting, lying) in a queue that wrapped right around a netball court and then some, in precisely the kind of lazy summer weather that made it impossible to mind doing so. Apparently waiting is what extras do mostly anyway, so this was good practice. Different being around so many people not significantly taller than me; even the men were of reasonable height. Auditions would have involved filling out a form and being photographed, but they ran out of time before we (dad and I) got to that part. It's not going to injure our chances of being Hobbits, though - someone (also Hobbit-sized) came around and, after weeding out everyone who didn't look right to be a Hobbit, gave us forms to fill out and send to them with the necessary photos. So that's all good. *grins* I have no idea when they'll tell us if we actually get to be Hobbits, so I continue to live in hope. Everyone with fingers and other body-parts crossed on my behalf... please keep them crossed until February next year :P

Also, sunburn.

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